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No big egos or small thinking, just shameless results driven design from a small team BIG on talent.

Based in Westbourne, Dorset, we combine 28 years of graphic design 'know-how' to craft big, bright ideas that encompass branding, corporate identity, print design, web design, video, CGI and virtual reality.

what we do

Branding & corporate identity, print design, web design, to video & CGI virtual reality, we craft BIG Bright Ideas that resonate with your audience.

branding & identity

Branding is how the world at large perceives you. From visual look to tone of voice, we'll identify what makes you unique.

print design

From choice of stock to unique finishing, print design has qualities that can’t be replicated on screen — we love it!

web design

Coal fired PCs to smartphones, our web design will engage your audience no matter the device (excludes calculators).

video & aerial drone

We storyboard, copywrite and produce video — even from the air with aerial drones (pass the popcorn and flying goggles!)

cgi & virtual Reality

From developers who sells off plan to pre-application visuals, we bring them to life with CGI, and immersive virtual reality.


Westbourne's a lovely place and so are we (no really!). Pop in and review our cookie policy over a nice cup of tea

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our home

County Gates House,

300 Poole Road, Westbourne, Dorset BH12 1AZ

our phone

07885 274461

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our work

You know what we do, now look at what we've done! Below is a small selection of our BIG Bright Ideas brought to life — click to view

meet the team

Small but perfectly formed. Find out a little more about how we spend our time nailing that Big Bright Idea and what makes us tick.


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noise complaints (singing)


bright ideas & rising

tea dodging — an art formA mix of skill and cunning enable Ian to avoid making tea. like that 'mate' down the pub who never buys a round, he's turned
tea-dodging into an art.

511tea rounds avoided*


20 years design and marketing agency experience has seen Ian working on some of the UK's largest brands. Prone to outbursts of song when people make tea, his off-key renditions bring a collective tear to co-workers eyes.


A keen Motocross rider and snowboarder Ian is also trustee for a charity responsible for the care of 205 orphaned and vulnerable children in Kenya.


The Big Bright Idea Ian deep in thought

hours on creative


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bright ideas & counting

designer — seeks hottieVanessa was convinced there was no toaster to be found in the office kitchen. 5 months later she found it, but only after buying one just minutes before — ouch!

466hours seeking toasters*


Vanessa has over 8 years design and marketing agency experience. In addition to being a skilled creative, she is fully versed in the dark art of 'tea making' — a skill which seems to elude Ian.


Vanessa's an accomplished street dancer and teaches hula-hooping. Ever hula'd a burning hoop? Vanessa has and retains her original set of eyebrows.

A day in the life of a highly
skilled creative

The Big Bright Idea Vanessa deep in thought


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our experience

We learnt our craft with leading design & advertising agencies working on some of the UK's largest brands. We've BIG experience and BIG ideas.

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Past & present, we've worked with some lovely people with lovely things to say…