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The brief required creation of a luxury property brand espousing qualities of quintessential English living. Logo concepts hinted at old English heraldry with the chosen logo employing a Gryphon — a mythical creature sharing the rare qualities developments of this calibre possess.

To separate Bentley & Mane from other property brands, we suggested a unique selection of lifestyle imagery and a brand positioning that extended well beyond the product by introducing 'B&M Lifestyle'.

B&M Lifestyle is exclusive for owners of Bentley & Mane property. A bespoke membership card is delivered by hand which grants access to unique hand-picked events such as London Fashion Week or the Blancpain GT Series allowing owners the opportunity to truly live the brand positioning of 'Beautiful Living'.


Branding/positioning, Logo design, Brochure Design, Copywriting Website Design, Storyboard, Narration & Video

bentley & mane


Sloane International Developments suffered from inconsistent use of typeface and various logo variations of the parent brand, presenting a disjointed feel across their marketing material.

We recommended a simple update of the established brand wordmark ensuring better legibility. The update also enabled ease of updating across the estate without having to re-educate people to a new corporate identity.

New designs across the range of property brochures were also developed, making use of colour and typefaces to present a stylish/consistent feel while introducing product specific logos for each development for a sense of individuality.


Corporate Identity, Logo designs, Brochure Design, Copywriting

sloane international


A joint venture between the worlds largest Islamic bank, Al Rajhi Bank and Claremont Asset Management required the creation of a brand appealing to the Middle East market.

Our initial designs examined wordmarks and symbols that would resonate with Islamic culture — in particular the 'Rub el Hizb'. Represented as two overlapping squares, in Arabic, Rub means 'one fourth, quarter', while Hizb means a group, perfectly highlighting the nature of the joint venture.

Colour palette focused on Al Rajhi blue and use of their wordmark to harness existing brand equity while building credibility for the new brand. Tone of voice aimed at reassuring investors of the groups Shariah compliancy with a suggested image style to reinforce this.


Branding/positioning, Logo design, Brochure Design, Website Design, Copywriting

Al Rajhi claremont


Drakewell are leaders in cloud based traffic analysis software, but a previous corporate identity had seen lucrative contracts lost due to a 'homespun' feel. Looking to expand their business into the Middle Eastern markets a credible identity was needed for markets both home and abroad.

We developed a logotype, Strapline and colour palette more appropriate for a company of Drakewells pedigree and a tone of voice was developed that would engage with customers rather than confuse them.

A new suite of imagery was suggested to reinforce the brands new look as the leading traffic analysis software developers.


Branding, Logo design, Brochure Design, Desktop/Mobile Website Design & Build, Copywriting

drakewell software engineers


An out-dated industry stereotype logo but a new business focus meant Costello Lettings required a new corporate identity that would appeal to the right calibre of landlords and tenants.

We designed an elegant new logotype that was simple and easily recognised, applying the new corporate identity across Costello Lettings estate which included stationery, signage, advertising, advertorial and a personal portfolio website.

A visit to Costello Lettings office revealed a busy, often hectic work environment which was perfectly captured through reportage style photography.


Corporate identity, Logo design, Advertising, Copywriting, Photographic Direction, Desktop/Mobile Website Design & Build

costello lettings


Established for over 25 years, Peter Day Precision was suffering from a tired corporate identity.

Inconsistent use of colour, typefaces and various versions of the old logo presented a disparate and 'schizophrenic' feel to the business and its marketing collateral. Old graphics and 'clichéd' imagery were also a far cry from the company's prestigious AS9100 accreditation which enable sthem to produce work for the aviation, space and defence industries.

We developed a clear logotype, palette and re-shot photography of the business and people more appropriate for a market leading engineering company. The new corporate identity was rolled out across various material including stationery, folders, website and apparel.


Corporate identity, Logo design, Copywriting, Photographic Direction, Desktop/Mobile Website Design & Build

peter day precision engineering


Claremont Asset Management provides investment opportunities to a substantial and diverse client base that includes financial institutions, large estate realtor’s and high-net-worth individuals.

The brief required an identity that instilled a sense of trust and resolute steadfastness in what are sometimes volatile markets.

A deep blue was used to inspire trust, with a timeless serif typeface chosen to intimate the company's pedigree. Combined within a square the logo presents an anchored feel to the identity regardless of positioning in design elements.

The use of black & white photography and it's nostalgic qualities reinforced the notion of longevity while tone of voice was serious and informative due to the gravitas of the subject matter.


Branding, Logo design, Brochure Design, Website Design, Copywriting

claremont asset management


A desire to increase brand awareness and a variety of lack lustre logos already in the public domain were sending mixed messages from this Dorset architect.

Having researched the marketplace, few local architects employed unique wordmarks which helped define the direction ECA's logo would take. A strong emphasis on eco-friendly practices also helped us to generate a consistent company strap line 'Building sustainable futures'.

In addition to a new logo, the identity had to be rolled out across the rest of ECA's communication collateral. Die cut business cards allowed the building of myriad number of creations reinforcing the company strap line 'Building sustainable futures'.


Corporate identity, Logo design & Strapline, Stationery Design, Bespoke Print

eca architecture & planning


A leading innovation and technology consultant developing cutting edge IP required a trademark ready brand identity to differentiate him from his industry peers.

The name VISYONR® was chosen from a number of strong candidates with a supporting strapline 'Where could you be?'. The reason? VISYONR® create valuable IP solving the toughest challenges to give organisations a competitive edge.

To differentiate collaborators who may also work under the  VISYONR® brand, we also developed a dictionary definition for them (Visyoneers) to reinforce VISYONR® values.

The brand identity was then rolled out across stationery and a new website with a suggested imagery for blogging subjects.


Develop Trademark Name, Corporate Identity, Logo design, Stationery Design, Bespoke Print, Copywriting, Desktop/Mobile Website Design & Build, Suggested Imagery



Debra Fox & Partner is a business specialising in sourcing high end property, the procurement of land for development and house refurbishment.

They required a high end identity that would resonate with the type of clients they were looking to attract. A stylish gold wordmark and monogram was developed and we even went as far as to suggest a wax seal/stamp to make the identity unique.


Corporate Identity, Logo design, Stationery Design, Bespoke Print, Desktop/Mobile Website Design & Build

debra fox